Man Lifestyle The Decades That shaped Man Fashion

The 1970s were a time when grown men wanted to appear younger. The 1970s broke with the old rules of elegance that were established during the 1930s. Bell bottom jeans , hippie fashion and style were also popular during the 1970s. The ’70s also saw the introduction of homemade accessories and clothing made of natural materials. The trend continued through the 1990s. The decade following witnessed the popularity of business suits as well as the fashion for men becoming more casual and laid-back.

The 1940s were the last decade of gentlemanly fashion and class. Fashion became sensible and less flashy due to the war. The 1940s saw an increase in sportswear and the college look. Nowadays, men are able to emulate their idols and make their mark with the latest trends that define their generation. There is no need to invest in a suit that costs thousands. Instead, you can wear more casual clothes.

The outsourcing and speed of fashion enabled brands to reproduce runway looks with lower cost. This caused the collapse of the class structure that had been defined by fashion. The fashion-conscious could afford designer clothes since it cost less. Fashion for men shifted towards a more futuristic fashion at the end of the decade. This included tweed suits and puffy jackets aswell with tracksuits, Rockport boots, and tracksuits. These trends were followed throughout the 90s and on to the present.

The 1980s brought about a new era in men’s style. Three-piece suits, with wide lapels and waistcoats with high-rise, were the latest trend. High-pitched collars with long sleeves and large neckties were the latest style. Disco funk fashion carried on into the 1980s, however the style changed to more serious, sophisticated attire. In this decade, the period of dressing up was marked by extravagant fashions and high-end clothing.

The idea of fashion for men changed in the 70s but it’s been the same since. In the 1960s, there was a period when men were not limited to fashions and stood on the top of the mountain. In the 1980s men were more at liberty to choose their own outfits. Fashion has rendered it unattainable for them to be restricted. There was once a time when they were restricted by the norms that were in place.

In the 1930s, three-piece suits became fashionable, and males began to wear these suits more frequently. They wore wide lapels, high-rise waistcoats, and a variety of shades. The collars of the shirt got more pointed and longer and were also adorned with longer neckties. In the decade that followed, males began to dress more seriously and their fashion was distinct. The 1950s saw the “futuristic” fashion was defined through puffy jackets and tracksuits. In the 1960s, however, ‘power dressing’ became widespread.

man lifestyle The”superman” age started with a simpler design of male clothing. The “Superman” silhouette had emerged as men’s suits featured broad shoulders and thin waists. This “Superman” shape was highlighted by large pointed lapels as well as tapered legs and shoulders that were pointed. The dark hues and the linen fabrics were popular in difficult times. Men’s pants were often made higher than those of the naval.