Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker 2206



Stormbreaker Alex Rider, a 14-year schoolboy lives with his uncle Ian Starbright as well as Jack Starbright as their housekeeper. Alex is shocked to discover that Ian is an executive at a bank. Alex learns from his uncle that he’s been killed in a vehicle accident. However, Alex quickly learns that the uncle actually was an agent of MI6 and was later killed.

The former employers of his uncle’s ex-employers, Mrs. Jones and Alan Blunt of the Special Operations Division (MI6) are then able to take him on as a recruiter. They inform Alex that their uncle has been instructing them to be spymasters. Alex initially resists cooperating but is eventually persuaded to cooperate after his uncle and Mrs. Jones threaten to halt Jack’s visa renewal and exile her. Alex is taken to the Brecon Beacons military training camp, where he’ll master the techniques that are required by the British Special Air Service. The other trainees initially shun him because of his age. However, he soon earns their respect due to the abilities he’s acquired through his education.

Smithers gadgets aid him in his initial mission. Each school across the United Kingdom will receive a powerful computer system that is known as Stormbreaker by billionaire Darrius Sayle. MI6 is suspicious of Sayle’s generosity and dispatches Alex to cover as the winner of a contest to conduct an investigation. Alex meets Sayle as well as the two other accomplices, Mr. Grin, Nadia Vole and is shown the Stormbreaker computer. While Alex is eating meals with Sayle later, the suspect Vole takes Alex’s phone and locates the SIM number to his residence in Chelsea. Then, she discovers Alex’s real identity and decides to fight Jack. Nadia escapes the scene after Jack defeated her, despite being defeated. Alex is able to sneak out of his bedroom window to discover a strange delivery to Sayle’s abode.

Alex is discovered and his covert ruse is exposed. After attempting to escape the building, Alex is seized by Sayle. Sayle explains the real reason for the release of Stormbreaker. Every system is an altered smallpox virus which, if activated during the Stormbreaker releases and kills all schoolchildren across the nation. Sayle is the one to take Alex to the London Science Museum. Nadia dropped Alex in a tank of water in which he is destined to be shot by the massive Portuguese man of war. But Sayle is able to escape with the iron-disintegrating spotcream that is provided by Smithers. Nadia is then defeated by the jellyfish, and the tank breaks. To earn Mr. Grin’s trust, Alex rides on a Mi-8 helicopter, which is controlled and piloted by Mr. Grin. Alex is able to get out of the helicopter at the exact moment that the Prime Minister is about to press the button to activate the computers. Alex shoots at the podium using the rifle and results in Sayle to abandon his strategy.

In a state of panic, Sayle flees to complete his backup plan. Alex and Sabina Pleasure an old schoolmate are following Sayle on horses through the streets of London. Alex ascends to the top of fifty floors on the skyscrapers of Sayle and disconnects the second transmitter. Sayle pursues Alex and Sabina to the top of the building. Then, he hurls the two off the roof using the cable. Yassen suddenly appears in a helicopter and shoots Sayle (in similar fashion to the as he did Ian) and save Alex. Yassen tells Alex that Sayle is now an embarrassing for his employer and suggests that Alex should not think about Sayle. However, Alex declares that the death of Ian implies that they remain enemies.

Alex returns to his school. Sabina and he talk about the incident and agree that it should never be repeated. The film concludes with Alex being watched from a distance by a person. The film isn’t over as Alex realizes.

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