Dracula Untold 2014

Dracula Untold (2014) แดร็กคูล่า ตำนานลับโลกไม่รู้

Dracula Untold 2014

Dracula Untold Vlad Draculea was the prince of Wallachia, and Transylvania during the 15th century. The place where he was born was the Ward palace of the Sultan . As as a young man, his job was to be an officer within the elite Janissary corps of the Sultan. There, he was promoted to the rank of the most formidable warrior. After killing thousands of people using spears, he was referred to as Vlad the Impaler and the Son of the Dragon. Then, he became unhappy with his actions and put his past behind him.

Vlad and his troops as well as Vlad, his soldiers and Ottoman Scouting party are getting ready for the their next attack. Broken Tooth Mountain is located near the top of the stream. It is an underground cave that is covered with broken bones. Vlad’s group of retinue is killed when they are slain by a swift and strong humanoid creature that is snared in the dark. Vlad is able to escape and return to his castle. A local monk informs Vlad that the creature is an actual viper. It was an ancient Roman who was a member of the Empire. Caligula was tricked to believe the creature was a demon, and was forced to remain inside the cave. Vlad and Mirena are celebrating the holiday with an Easter celebration. A large Ottoman group is at Vlad’s castle. Vlad provides the standard tribute in silver coins, but the emissary wants to make a further tribute to 1,000 boys that will be trained to become Janissaries. Vlad refuses. Mirena believes that Vlad might persuade Sultan Mehmed I to accept forgiveness. Vlad proposes to replace the boys, however Mehmed refuses and insists that Vlad’s son be the one to take his place.

Vlad realizes that war is on the way and goes back to Broken Tooth Mountain Cave to seek help from the vampire. Vlad is warned by the vampire that there are consequences. Vlad offers to donate the blood of his. It will temporarily grant Vlad the ability of the vampire. Vlad will be transformed into human only if he is able to not resist the urge to consume human blood for another three days. He won’t be able to resist the desire to consume human blood for the next three days, and the vampire will be vampire for the rest of his life. Vlad takes the offer. Vlad soon realizes that he is able to change into a cloud full of bats. Vlad eliminates all Ottoman soldiers who are attacking Castle Dracula when he returns. To ensure his safety, Vlad sends most of his subjects to Cozia Monastery.

Mirena learns about Vlad’s curse after she observes Vlad holding silver to remain weak around his family members. This prevents Vlad from speaking about his condition or threatening the people with blood. The sudden rise in his strength is also suspicious to his followers.

The Ottoman army is advancing on the monastery in the evening. Vlad is in charge of a massive swarm of bats to fend off the. But they are in fact an insidious force that permits some Turks to gain entry into the monastery, massacre residents, and then kidnap Ingeras. Mirena is trying to shield her son, but she falls off the wall of the monastery. Vlad cannot get to her in time, despite his speedy pace. Mirena who is dying and dying, begs Vlad to take his blood before sunrise to end the curse on him and save his son. Vlad is reluctantly drinking the blood of her. This will trigger his transformation into a full-blooded vampires, which gives the vampire greater power. Vlad also liberates the vampire from his cave by breaking the magical seal that held him in captivity. Vlad summons black storm clouds to block the sun while the process takes place. Vlad returns to the monastery and transforms the mortally wounded and the survivors into vampires.

Mehmed is a commander in the Ottoman army, is preparing for an attack on Europe. Vlad and his vampires, masked in massive lightning storms arrive, and swiftly slaughter the terrified Ottoman soldiers. Vlad then goes after Mehmed who has taken Ingeras hostage. Mehmed is aware that vampires are less powerful due to silver, has sprayed the ground of Mehmed’s camp with silver coins. This makes Vlad’s strength and speed comparable to that of a human and also impairs his vision. Mehmed then fights him with a sword made of silver. Vlad is defeated, and Mehmed is preparing to stab Vlad’s heart using a wooden stake. However, Vlad changes into a flock, and flees Mehmed. He adopts the name “Dracula Son of the Devil” and kills Mehmed by using the stake. Vlad is the one who sends Ingeras away before his vampire army pounces on the vampire. Vlad dispels the cloud of storms so that all vampires including himself, will be drawn to the light and melt away. Vlad is revived by a man who had witnessed his past and has offered his blood. Ingeras is the prince of Wallachia, is declared Vlad dead, and Europe is freed from the Ottoman invasion.

Today, Vlad, now Dracula is in contact with a woman named Mina she looks very much like Mirena on the streets of modern London. Vlad is being watched from afar by the vampire that cursed Vlad. He watches them as they leave and declares “Let’s have a game!”